Why "Predictable Weight Loss" Isn't so Predictable.

As trainers and health professionals we get asked all the time about weight loss and the rate in which one can expect to see it happen. Well the truth is, there is no correct answer to that almost ever. Why? Because everyone is different. And weight loss can’t be broken down to just one component. Hormone regulation and function is what causes weight loss to occur. However the thing is what controls your hormones is highly complex and as trainers we don’t have a “one shoe fits all” approach that is guaranteed to work. Regardless what we do know is other than genetics it comes down to three main things — proper sleep, good nutritional habits, and of course your exercise habits. So for example, if you’re on the same nutrition plan as Bob but Bob is working out twice as much as you are and sleeping a quality 7–9 hours every night he has a big advantage. He’s going to lose weight quicker than you. That’s it. That’s why there’s no magic answer to presumed weekly or monthly weight loss. It all comes down to you and how much you really want to make it happen. We can’t track your food habits while you’re at home or monitor your sleep but YOU can. If you take care of the three pillars, and I mean really take care of them they will take care of you. You will lose weight and your body composition will change for the better. So next time you’re wondering about your own personal weight loss remember you have the keys to unlock your results. Not your trainer, spouse, best friend, or roommate from college. It’s up to you to establish your foundation, identify what fits your threepillars, and build habits to result in success!